Jerry Ngaronoa


Jerry Ngaronoa  is still currently Boning Beef at Silver Fern Farms Pacific Beef Plant in hakatu,Hastings,Hawkes Bay.

Jerry started his career in the meat industry in 1961 as a 14 year old labourer for Hawkes Bay Farmers Meat Company in Whakatu,Hastings with his father and four brothers who were all employed there at the time.

Jerry started table boning beef when he was 17 in 1964 and a year later he became a fulltime table boner.

In 1969 he was side boning as the method of table boning changed.

8 years later another Beef plant opened up just across the paddock named Pacific Freezing which was owned by Richmond Meats and Dawn Meats
Jerry left Hawkes Bay Farmers Meat Company and started Beef Boning at Pacific in November 1973 in the Richmond Boning Room.

Richmond Pacific is a chilled beef plant and is a highly efficient processor of all classes of beef providing beef markets to many countries around the world.
The average daily throughput at seasonal peaks was 680 cattle per day on a single shift, the highest daily kill was 758 and the highest weekly kill was 3641.
The tallies today are now lower and mannings have decreased as well.

Jerry has seen a lot of changes in the industry in his time and he says that seeing women coming into the industry was a good thing.

Jerry has been in the industry for 52 years so far and he has been boning at Pacific for 40 years in November this year.

Jerry said he has never had a warning or faced any disciplinary action in all his time in the industry.

Jerry said that the secret to achieving his milestone he says is “Being honest in your work”.